Children’s Health Collection 2015 comprises abstracts of all relevant articles published in EHP from October 2014 through September 2015: peer-reviewed research articles, news features, Science Selections, and editorials. Abstracts are featured for each research article published in an issue, and hyperlinks take readers directly to the full article online ( The Science Selections are noted just below the related research.


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(Reuters Health) - For a 38-year old professor who cycled to work every day, asthma symptoms tended to be worst in midmorning and early afternoon on weekdays, but improved noticeably on weekends.

Her doctor suspected the air pollution on her commute was provoking her asthma, so he mapped a new route further from major roadways. Within a month, her wheezing and other symptoms had decreased dramatically, according to the authors of a review of her case.


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Traders today said urgent action was needed to slash traffic levels after a report revealed Oxford Street has the highest levels of a toxic pollutant in the world.

The mayor is facing demands to reduce the build-up of the “wall of buses” after a monitor installed by scientists showed high levels of nitrogen dioxide - linked with asthma and heart attacks.

Levels peaked at 463 micrograms per cubic metre, while average day-and-night levels since the beginning of the year have been 135 - more than three times the EU’s safety limit.

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Healthy Lungs for Life is one of the largest ever lung health campaigns, raising awareness of the importance of healthy lungs to healthcare professionals, scientists, primary care, patients, policy makers and the public through a full range of events, projects and promotional activities.
In 2014, the theme is "Breathe clean air".

Healthy Lungs for Life seeks to reduce the number of people suffering from respiratory disease by raising awareness and knowledge of lung conditions and ways to prevent lung damage.