NEC richtlijn: compromise amendment kwetsbare groepen behouden in milieucommissie Europees Parlement!

Op 2 september zijn de door de commissies aangenomen amendementen op de NEC richtlijn gepubliceerd. Childproof had een voorstel gedaan ter bescherming van kwetsbare groepen in artikel 6

Considering the above, CHILDPROOF therefore asks the European Parliament to:

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BEIJING — The Chinese state news media on Monday published aggressive reports on what they described as the sickening and dangerous air pollution in Beijing and other parts of northern China, indicating that popular anger over air quality had reached a level where Communist Party propaganda officials felt that they had to allow the officially sanctioned press to address the growing concerns of ordinary citizens.

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European policies have eliminated the most visible and harmful effects of air pollution, but current rates of emissions still pose a threat to the environment and to human health. A new study has assessed the policy scope to make further environmental improvements by applying the GAINS (Greenhouse gas-Air pollution Interactions and Synergies) model.