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The Belgian government has failed to protect workers in Brussels’ EU quarter from deadly traffic fumes, according to legal action filed against it by the European Commission.

Leaked documents obtained by reveal that Belgium is accused of breaking EU law by hiding the true scale of Brussels air pollution problem and breaching air quality limits.

It failed to report data from two of the most polluted city roads in Belgium, Rue Belliard and the Arts-Loi crossroads, exposing people near them to unacceptable levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

Scooter owners in Genoa, birthplace of the Vespa, are celebrating a partial victory after the city’s mayor postponed a ban on models produced before 1999 intended to tackle pollution.

The hashtag #handsoffmyvespa went viral on social media, with furious riders in the north-west coastal city – which boasts more motorcycles per capita than anywhere else in Italy – taking up the slogan: “Born in Genoa, dies in Genoa.”

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Cargo bikes are undergoing a renaissance in Germany as companies attempt to battle city congestion and pollution.

The bikes were popular at the start of last century before the car dominated transport, and in the past five years they have regained popularity as a means of moving light freight.

The German government wants to see more freight moved by cargo bike instead of truck or car and spends more than 80 million euros every year supporting cycling infrastructure.