„Clean Air in Ports“

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Second workshop in Antwerp on October 8th 2013

On October 8th the second of six “Clean Air in Ports” workshops will take place in Antwerp. The event will be hosted by the Antwerp Port Authority (www.portofantwerp.be ). Further support for the workshop is given by Belgian nature conservation organization “Natuurpunt” (www.natuurpunt.be) who is in good exchange and collaboration with the port of Antwerp. Main emphasis of this workshop is the regional exchange of interest groups as well as networking between ports in terms of improvement of air quality.

In the morning experts will show the necessity of measures for better air by showing the impacts of air pollution on health, environment and climate . After the presentation of existing European legislation, the region of Flanders, the city of Antwerp and the Antwerp Port Authority will show their air quality plans and measures as examples, how countries and municipalities deal with the challenges of polluted air.


In the afternoon working groups will deepen the options of different port stakeholders for cleaner air: One working group will deal with the question if scrubbers are a reasonable solution to fulfill the new sulfur limit values from 2015 onwards. A second working group will occupy itself with the possibilities for air pollution control by terminal operators. The third working group will discuss the integration of different stakeholder groups and the enforcement of an air quality plan from a port authority.

The draft agenda for the workshop can soon be downloaded here.
You can register for the NABU workshop “Clean Air in Ports” below.
Please note that on the days after the workshop “Clean Air in Ports” on the 8th of October, the Green Ports Congress will take place in Antwerp from 9th to 11th of October.

Application for Clean Air in Ports Workshop in Antwerp on October 8th 2013

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