Air pollution

Scooter owners in Genoa, birthplace of the Vespa, are celebrating a partial victory after the city’s mayor postponed a ban on models produced before 1999 intended to tackle pollution.

The hashtag #handsoffmyvespa went viral on social media, with furious riders in the north-west coastal city – which boasts more motorcycles per capita than anywhere else in Italy – taking up the slogan: “Born in Genoa, dies in Genoa.”


Hydrocarbons are precursors to hazardous air pollutants including ozone and particulate matter. Hydrocarbons from diesel make up over 50% of all hydrocarbons in the air in London, a new study has found. The authors also estimate that they contribute up to half of total ozone production potential in London, and say future air quality control strategies must focus more on these pollutants.



Chancellor George Osborne should use the comprehensive spending review to deliver money for cycling for the sake of our health and our economy

The chancellor is a busy man. The day before the results of his Comprehensive Spending Review, I doubt he is giving too much thought to cycling but if he did he would see the real opportunity it offers to boost the economy and lighten the load on the public purse.


The government should consider a scrappage scheme for diesel cars to get polluting vehicles off the streets of England’s cities, where they contribute to tens of thousands of premature deaths every year, according to an influential committee of MPs.

The call echoes a proposal from London Mayor Boris Johnson who has suggested up to £2,000 per car could be paid to get 150,000 diesels off the capital’s roads.


Designer Stephanie Liu has come up with the Lumoscura mask to combat bad air beautifully


Sculpted, pristine and sparking with fibre optics, this mask is certainly a breath of fresh air for wearable tech, bringing style to the problem of pollution.

Recently on show at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts Fashion 4wrd exhibition, the Lumoscura mask is the idea of designer Stephanie Liu, who created the piece this year while completing her industrial design degree at the Rhode Island School of Design.